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What can we do if an API call fails?

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2016
  • Determine whether your network is normal. It is recommended that you ping ecs.aliyuncs.com to check it.

  • Determine whether the AccessKey pair and the default RegionId required for Alibaba Cloud CLI running are already set. If not, you can set them through Alibaba Cloud CLI configure command.

  • Determine whether Alibaba Cloud CLI has been integrated with these products. You can use the help command to check the parameters supported by Alibaba Cloud CLI.

  • Determine the return value of the API. If the return value already shows the parameters such as RequestId, it means that the API has been ready. The reason might be that a parameter has been mistakenly specified. For details, refer to the scenarios of specific error codes in the API manual. For example, in the API manual for ECS products, each API is provided with the corresponding error scenarios and instructions in Chinese. Such a manual can be used as a reference.

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