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FAQs related to usage

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

1. How are ARMS Free Edition and Premium Edition different?

For more information about the differences between the free edition and premium edition of ARMS products, see ARMS product catalog.

  1. Which languages does ARMS Application Monitoring support? What is in the plan?

    ARMS Application Monitoring currently supports Java, and plans to support PHP and C#. We also plan to provide OpenAPI for developers of other languages to integrate with customization.

  2. Does ARMS support other regions than Hangzhou and Singapore?

    Currently, Browser Monitoring only covers Hangzhou region in Mainland China, and Singapore internationally. Given that the statistical data of Browser Monitoring is from the public network, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to regionalize, and therefore we don’t plan to support other regions than Hangzhou and Singapore for the time being. Alibaba Cloud users in other regions can directly use the Browser Monitoring service provided in the preceding regions, without compromising the performance and functions.

  3. How to expand ARMS Custom Monitoring?

    If the on-screen message encourages you to expand ARMS Custom Monitoring due to insufficient computing resources, please reach out to ARMS online customer service for manual expansion. Theoretically, it only takes a few minutes to finish the expansion.

Are the real-time computing engine and columnar storage of ARMS Custom Monitoring directly available for users to use?

No, they’re not. Users can only customize monitoring data and retrieve result through the user interface of ARMS and OpenAPI. This is mainly because how the real-time computing and columnar storage are assembled is highly customized and optimized, which is why it’s not appropriate to expose any individual module to users. If you have special requirements on real-time computing and columnar storage, we encourage you to use other Alibaba Cloud products and services, for example StreamCompute or Table Store.