Last Updated: Apr 18, 2018

ICP Filing

An ICP Filing, known in Chinese as “Bei’An”, is the first level of ICP certification. All websites hosted in mainland China must be ICP filed with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). After obtaining an ICP Filing license, the licensee is eligible to host a website on a China-based hosting server or CDN, but cannot integrate e-commerce features or online payments. As an ICP Filing does not permit the licensee to engage in direct online sales, the licensed website must only be used for informational purposes.

ICP Commercial License

An ICP Commercial License, known as “ICP Zheng” in Chinese, allows online platforms or third-party sellers of goods and services to deploy their website on a hosting server or CDN within mainland China. To apply for an ICP Commercial License, you must first obtain an ICP Filing. After obtaining both an ICP Filing and ICP Commercial License, the licensee is eligible to launch a website with e-commerce and online payment integration on a server or CDN based in mainland China.

Transfer an ICP license to Alibaba Cloud

If you have obtained an ICP license for a domain name with another server provider, and now you want to bind the domain name or the sub-domains with Alibaba Cloud servers, you must transfer the ICP Filing license to Alibaba Cloud.

Change ICP Filing information

Change the recorded information of the ICP Filing subject or the filed websites.

Add new websites for ICP Filing (Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing users)

The ICP Filing subject, once filed ICP records through Alibaba Cloud, now has a new website hosted on an ECS instance to be ICP filed.

Add new websites for ICP Filing (non-Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing users)

The owner, once filed ICP records through another service provider, now has a new website hosted on an ECS instance to be ICP filed.

Claim an ICP filing license

The domain name was successfully filed for ICP record through HiChina before June 2010, and now the owner wants to claim the domain name ICP Filing record by using an Alibaba Cloud account.

ICP service code

An ICP service code is used as a verification code to verify that the website is hosted on an Alibaba Cloud server. You can apply for an ICP service code for your instance from ICP No. Application.

ICP Filing password

Each ICP number has a dedicated password. You are prompted to enter the ICP Filing password from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to change an ICP Filing information or cancel an ICP Filing at the time of application submission.

Cancel an ICP Filing

If an ICP Filing subject or a domain name is no longer valid or used, you must cancel the ICP Filing information through the following two types:

  • Cancel the subject

    All the information under the ICP number is deleted.

  • Cancel a website

    The filing information of a website is deleted. However, the ICP Filing subject remains valid and other non-cancelled websites under the subject account remain unaffected.

Cancel an ICP Filing transfer

If you cancel an ICP Filing transfer-in, the association between your filing information and Alibaba Cloud is deleted, Alibaba Cloud does not serve as your service provider any more, and the domain name does not point to an Alibaba Cloud server. However, your ICP number with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is still effective. Contact your server provider in use to submit the application for ICP Filing transfer. Otherwise, your filing information may be deregistered by the competent authority.

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