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Alibaba Cloud Security Whitepaper

Last Updated: May 15, 2018

Alibaba Cloud Security Whitepaper International Edition Version 1.0 describes our overall cloud platform security architecture. We demonstrate the overall Alibaba Cloud security architecture in a format that we called the “security compass”. In the 11 layered security compass concept, we highlight four layers that are oriented toward our cloud platform (physical security, hardware security, virtualization security, and cloud service security), and seven layers that are oriented toward cloud users (account security, VM security, application security, network security, data security, operation security, and business security). By going through the 11 layers and more than 30 building blocks of the security compass, the whitepaper provides the necessary guidance and assurance to our customers in the strong security capabilities of Alibaba Cloud and the various security functionalities our customers could take advantage of in order to build a more secure cloud solution together with us. The security whitepaper also highlights security functionalities of various cloud products and our security solutions, including security best practices.

The policies, procedures and technologies that are described in the whitepaper are subject to the published version of the whitepaper. Some details may change with the time and innovation in the product and service.

Click to download the Alibaba Cloud Security Whitepaper published in April 2018 (in PDF).