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Use Anti-DDoS Pro with WAF

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Anti-DDoS Pro and the WAF are fully compatible.

Optimal deployment architecture

Anti-DDoS Pro IP address (entry layer, for Anti-DDoS protection) > WAF (intermediate layer, for application layer protection) > origin site


  1. Configure WAF.

    Enter the Server Load Balancer Internet IP address, ECS Internet IP address, or off-cloud server IP address for the origin site. Select Yes for Other proxies enabled already? and click Next.
    Other proxies enabled already

  2. Configure Anti-DDoS Pro.

    Modify the domain name or add a new one. Select Origin site domain and enter the CNAME address generated by WAF.
    Anti-DDoS Pro configuration

  3. Change the DNS resolution and point it to the CNAME address generated by Anti-DDoS Pro. This causes the website traffic to first go through Anti-DDoS Pro and then be forwarded to WAF.

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