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Notes on migrating self-built database to the ApsaraDB for RDS

Last Updated: Jul 13, 2016
1. The system library of MySQL is not allowed to be migrated to ApsaraDB for RDS, including: mysql, information_schema, and performance_schema. These databases will not be included in the mirgration list.
2. During a full migration, a global table lock may be applied briefly on the self-built databases.
3. To conduct a full + incremental migration, confirm all the libraries and tables in the self-built database function normally. Check this by running show create table tbl_name command, and make sure no error results is output.
4. During the migration, the DDL is not allowed on the source database (DDL refers to the data definition language for defining the create and cancel operations of SQL modes, basic tables, views and indexes).
5. ApsaraDB for RDS for MySQL must configure the parameter autocommit=1 (Note: ApsaraDB for RDS for MySQL parameter autocommit is 1 by default).
6. Unsupported database names and table names:
(1) A single backslash in the database name
(2) A single backslash in the table name
(3) "." in the database name
(4) The database name starts with "-"
(5) The table name starts with "-"
(6) The database name contains "/"


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