This topic describes apsaradb RDS for MySQL backup and SQL Explorer.

Where can I view backup usage?

A: You can go to the basic information page.

Backup usage

How is backup usage structured?

A: backup usage is equal to the size of the backup set and binlog logs added up during the save time.

Why does the backup resource usage not decrease after I Upload binary logs with one click?

Answer: upload binlogs the function is to upload a Binlog file that is no longer written from the current instance storage space to the backup space and delete the Binlog file from the RDS local instance space, therefore, this function cannot reduce the backup usage.

How can I reduce backup usage?

You can run the following commands to view the logs:

  • Consider reducing the number of days to save backups.
  • Consider reducing the frequency of backups.
  • Consider upgrading the instance disk specifications.

Does SQL Explorer affect instance performance?

A: activating SQL Explorer does not affect the performance of your instance.

Where can I view the SQL Explorer data collection volume?

A: You can go to the basic information page.

SQL audit collection

Can I delete some SQL Explorer content?

A: Currently, this function is not supported. You can disable SQL Explorer to avoid any fees.

Can I view the existing SQL Explorer files after SQL Explorer is disabled?

After SQL Explorer is disabled, you cannot view the SQL Explorer data.