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Automatic installation tool for Linux instance

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2017

An assistant tool for the Linux ECS instance

Function: This tool automatically modifies the system source, and installs software packages related to the instance. In terms of desktop environment, GNOME is installed on CentOS and RedHat series, and LXDE is installed on Ubuntu and Debian series.

Scenario: You can install the tool with one click and manage the instance remotely using a graphical interface.

Applicable OS: This tool is applicable to most Linux systems except for Gentoo and Unix-like OpenSUSE.

Download: install_vnc_server.tgz

How to use: Run the bash install_vnc_server.sh command as the root user.


1. The system prompts that I am a root super user

After you install CentOS 6 and log on to it for the first time, a message similar to the following prompts:

error message


  1. Check Do not show me this again.
  2. Click Close.

2. The system asks me to configure the keyboard layout

After you install Ubuntu or Debian, a message similar to the following prompts:

notice message


  1. Select USA, press Tab, and select OK.
  2. Close the window.
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