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Internet and intranet NTP servers

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Alibaba Cloud ECS provides several intranet NTP servers, which you can access from your instances. We also provide external NTP services for instances that need the Internet access. For more information, see NTP: The Network Time Protocol.

Intranet and Internet NTP servers

See the following table for the NTP servers provided by Alibaba Cloud ECS.

Intranet Internet
Classic network VPC
ntp1.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp7.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp1.aliyun.com
ntp2.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp8.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp2.aliyun.com
ntp3.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp9.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp3.aliyun.com
ntp4.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp10.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp4.aliyun.com
ntp5.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp11.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp5.aliyun.com
ntp6.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp12.cloud.aliyuncs.com ntp6.aliyun.com
N/A N/A ntp7.aliyun.com

Other public services of Alibaba Cloud ECS

See the following list for some public services provided by Alibaba Cloud ECS.

  • Public DNS: /
    Website: http://www.alidns.com

  • Open source images: http://mirrors.aliyun.com
    Update frequency: The image files, including a lot of Linux distributions and open source applications, are updated at everyday 02:00−04:00 (UTC+8:00).

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