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FAQ about copying images

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Why should I copy a custom image?

Custom images can only be used within one region, not across regions. To use a custom image in a region different from where it was created, copy the image to the target region. This feature allows you to back up a custom image or deploy an identical application environment to an ECS instance located in another region.

When do I need to copy images?

You can copy an image if you want to deploy an application in multiple regions, or migrate an ECS instance to another region.

What images can I copy?

You can copy your custom images only. Public images, marketing images, and shared images cannot be copied.

Which regions currently support image copying?

All the regions of Alibaba Cloud support image copying. For more information, see Regions and zones.

How long does it take to copy an image?

The copying image operation transmits the image file from the data center in the source region to the one in the target region. The time needed to complete the copy is determined by the network transmission speed and the number of tasks in the task queue. Please wait patiently.

Am I charged for copying an image?

No. Now, you are not charged for copying an image.

When coping an image, ECS:

  1. Copies the image snapshot from the original region data center to a target region data center.
  2. Creates an image from the snapshot in the target region.

Therefore, you may be charged for:

  • The transmission traffic consumed by transferring the copied image. Currently, Alibaba Cloud has not charged the transmission traffic, please pay attention to the official announcement.
  • The storage space consumed by the copied image snapshot. Currently, Alibaba Cloud has not charged the snapshot storage space, please pay attention to the official announcement.

During the image copy process, are there limits about the source and target images?

During the image copying process, the source image cannot be deleted. You can cancel copying for the target image, but if the copy operation is canceled, the image cannot be used to replace system disks or create ECS instances.

How can I copy my custom image to another account in a different region?

You can copy the image to your account in the target region and then share the copied image with the expected account. This image is displayed in that account’s shared images list.

Is there any size limit for coping an image?

No. However, you are required to open a ticket when coping an image that is greater than 500 GiB, the ECS console system automatically prompts ticket dialog when you click Copy Image to copy an image that is greater than 500 GiB.

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