When I upload the HTTPS certificate while configuring Anti-DDoS Pro, the system prompts “Parameter format error.”

Common issues, causes, and solutions to the “Parameter format error” upon uploading the certificate are listed as follows:
  • The certificate name exceeds the length limit.

    Solution: Modify the certificate name to contain less than 10 characters.

  • The certificate file name contains special characters.

    Solution: Only use English letters or numbers to name the certificate, and do not use spaces, underscores(_), delimiters, or other special characters.

  • The certificate contains non-standard content. For example, the highlighted content of the following certificate file is invalid.


    Remove the certificate content before ---BEGIN CERTIFICATE---.
    • A standard certificate (.pem file) looks like the following:

    • A standard private key (.key file) looks like the following:

For more information about HTTPS certificate format conversion, see Convert an HTTPS certificate to the PEM format.