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Alibaba Cloud CDN download files are inconsistent

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019

When accessing through CDN, users are provided with the CDN cache if it has not expired; however, if the user performs origin site update with same name, he/she will find the resources requested remain the old version, resulting in content disorder on the website. We recommend you try the following solutions:

  1. Do not perform same name update on the origin site or add version numbers: CDN does not know if the origin site has performed same name update; therefore, you are advised to avoid this. We also do not recommend that users force the CDN to go back to origin site to retrieve data upon a new request by adding version parameters to URLs (the parameter filter must not be enabled in this way, or the task may fail).

  2. Users could manually refresh the URL by the Console/API after the same name refresh is finished. Directory refresh and URL refresh are both available. URL refresh refreshes a single resource and takes little time. Directory refresh refreshes all files under the directory, which usually takes longer and may increase bandwidth load of the origin site since all files under this directory would go back to the source upon the next request.

  3. If the origin site of the CDN is OSS, you could log in to the OSS Console and activate CDN Cache Refresh. The OSS would call CDN’s refresh interface to refresh the URL when an object is updated on the OSS origin site. See below for configuration: