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Alibaba Cloud CDN Cache Overview

Last Updated: May 31, 2017
  • The data retrieval process through Alibaba Cloud CDN is as follows: When receiving a user request, Alibaba Cloud CDN looks for the requested data on first-level nodes and second-level nodes in sequence. If the nodes do not have the requested data. Alibaba Cloud CDN retrieves the data from the origin site and synchronizes it to second-level nodes and first-level nodes in sequence. Then the data is returned to the user from first-level nodes.

  • For details about the default cache rules of Alibaba Cloud CDN, refer to Cache refresh.

  • To achieve optimal Alibaba Cloud CDN usage, it is recommended that dynamic and static pages be separated and static pages be delivered through a Alibaba Cloud CDN domain.

  • All files, including static and dynamic files, may be cached by Alibaba Cloud CDN if the files are not set to no-cache

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