CNAME Binding

Last Updated: Jul 03, 2017

Introduction: To enable the CDN service, you must direct your domain to a CDN domain, which then will provide an IP address. You must add a CNAME record at your DNS provider to accelerate content delivery.


The following example shows how to use HiChina CNAME for accessing Alibaba Cloud CDN(CDN) (For details about access through other DNS providers, click here):


1. Find the correct CNAME domain on the Alibaba Cloud CDN(CDN) Console.


2. Log in to HiChina user center.


3. Click “Product Management” in the navigation bar on the left, and select “My Cloud Resolution” to enter the HiChina resolution list page.


4. Click the domain name to be resolved and enter the resolution record page


5. On the resolution record page, click “Add New Resolution” to configure a resolution record.

6. To configure a CNAME resolution record, select “CNAME” for “Record Type”, set “Host Record” to the domain name prefix (such as www), set “Record Value” to the domain to which the current domain is directed, and select “TTL Default” for “Resolution Line”.

7. After entering all the required information, click “Save” to complete resolution settings.




1. During CNAME resolution, only other domain (instead of a URL) than the current domain can be entered for “Record Value”. The CNAME record will conflict with other record types of the same name. Resolution records with duplicate prefixes are not allowed. For example, if your domain name is and you set a record for, you cannot set another type of resolution record for (e.g., A record). Otherwise, this will cause a resolution record conflict and the records will be ineffective.



2. The configuration will immediately take effect on the Xinnet DNS server, but global DNS refresh will take 8-72 hours.


CNAME effectiveness verification


Though the time for CNAME to take effect varies with DNS providers, the CNAME will take effect within half an hour. You can run the Ping command to verify CNAME effectiveness. If the domain is successfully pinged, the CNAME takes effect.

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