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Formats Supported by the GNU Zip Compression Feature of Alibaba Cloud CDN

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Alibaba Cloud CDN supports the smart GZIP feature, which can be enabled under “Page optimization” in the Console.


Alibaba Cloud CDN currently supports the following content types for GZIP compression:

content-type: text/xml

content-type: text/plain

content-type: text/css

content-type: application/javascript

content-type: application/x-javascript

content-type: application/rss+xml

content-type: text/javascript

content-type: image/tiff

content-type: image/svg+xml

content-type: application/json


1. Content size of the origin site must be over 1024 bytes for GZIP compression to work properly.

2. Since Internet Explorer 6 has a poor compatibility with Gzip, it is not recommended to enable GZIP compression feature when responding to access requests originating from Internet Explorer 6.

If the problem persists, please contact After-Sales Technical Support.