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Relationship between traffic of Alibaba Cloud CDN and traffic of other Alibaba Cloud products

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Alibaba Cloud CDN can be used together with other cloud products such as ECS and OSS. Because Alibaba Cloud CDN nodes are distributed across the country, the traffic between Alibaba Cloud CDN and other cloud products are transferred by the public network.

Alibaba Cloud CDN traffic and other cloud products’ traffic are charged separately.

For example:

a customer purchases Alibaba Cloud CDN and OSS to provide file download services. At the first access to Alibaba Cloud CDN, because the node does not have origin site information, and the request is sent back to the origin site, outgoing traffic of Alibaba Cloud CDN and outgoing traffic of OSS are billed. When the customer accesses Alibaba Cloud CDN again after the file is cached at the Alibaba Cloud CDN node, only the outgoing traffic of Alibaba Cloud CDN is billed. After the cache time expires, the request will be sent back to the origin site again.

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