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Why should back-to-source host be set on Alibaba Cloud CDN?

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2017

If the origin site web server of the Alibaba Cloud CDN backend user is bound with other domain names than a Alibaba Cloud CDN domain name, domain name access is not limited (for example, the default website can be accessed using the server IP). The back-to-source host can be set on the Alibaba Cloud CDN console, so that the Alibaba Cloud CDN service can be used when the web server is not bound with an Alibaba Cloud CDN domain name.

The instructions are as follows:

If the server is bound with test.abc.com instead of cdn.abc.com, set back-to-source host to test.abc.com, and then you can access the website.


You can make the following test:

  1. Directly access the server using CURL, but no website contents are returned. It means that the origin site may be bounded with a domain name or access to the server using the domain name is limited, and the website cannot be opened directly.

  2. Use the -H parameter to transfer the Alibaba Cloud CDN domain name cdn.abc.com, but the website cannot be opened. It means that the origin website is not bounded with the Alibaba Cloud CDN domain name.

  3. Use the –H parameter to transfer the Alibaba Cloud CDN domain name test.abc.com, and the website can be opened. It means the origin website is bounded with the domain name. Set the back-to-source host to test.abc.com on Alibaba Cloud CDN, and then directly perform the pass-through test to cdn.abc.com. The website can also be opened.


If the problem persists, contact Alibaba Cloud After-Sales Technical Support.

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