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Anti-DDoS Basic black hole threshold for web hosting

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2018

The default black hole threshold for web hosting is as follows (unit: bps):

Note: For shared web hosting, the specific black hole threshold cannot be defined as multiple web hosting may share one IP address. Additionally, the actual threshold must be lower than the default threshold value. When a shared web hosting server triggers the black hole, all the other servers that share IP address with this server becomes inaccessible. We strongly recommend that you buy ECS instance if you give utmost importance to the security.

Region Web hosting threshold
Hong kong 500M
US West 500M

Black hole duration

The black hole duration is the amount of time the triggered back hole lasts, 2.5 hours by default. The actual black hole duration varies from 30 minutes to 24 hours, depending on attack intensity. Additionally, the following factors are considered:

  • Attack Continuity

    The black hole duration is extended, if the attack continues.

  • Attack Frequency

    The black hole duration is shortened automatically when the ECS instance is attacked for the first time, but is prolonged, if the attacks are more frequent.

Note: If a web hosting server triggers too many black holes, Alibaba Cloud Security reserves the right to extend the black hole duration and lower its threshold. For actual duration and threshold information, see the Alibaba Cloud console.

A higher capacity for DDoS mitigation can be viewed on the Anti-DDoS Pro product detail page. Anti-DDoS Pro provides up to 300 Gbps (mainland China) and 100 Gbps (Hong Kong and Singapore) DDoS mitigation with a better performance.

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