Domain name 301 redirect

What is 301 redirect

When you use a browser to access a URL, the Web server is set to automatically jump to another URL and return code 301 to the client.

Functions of 301 redirect

301 redirect is used for jump between two URLs. As 301 redirect achieves weight transfer after URL jump and SEO optimization, it is usually applied in the following scenarios:

  • A website has multiple domain names, but uses a primary domain name for SEO promotion. All other domain names can be 301 redirected to the primary domain name to achieve weight transfer.
  • The domain name of a website has changed, and the new domain name is to be used for SEO promotion. Users accessing the old domain name will be 301 redirected to the new domain name to achieve weight transfer.
  • Some contents of a website have been adjusted and the URL cannot be used for access. The website can be 301 redirected to achieve weight transfer.

Set 301 redirect


The source and target domain names are bound to the Web Hosting.


Perform the following steps to set 301 redirect:

  1. Log on to the Web Hosting console.
  2. Find the Web Hosting that needs to be redirected in the Web Hosting list and click Manage in the Operations column.manage
  3. Click Environment Settings > 301 Redirect in the navigation tree.301set
  4. Select the required source and target domain names and click Add.Access the Web Hosting, click “Environment Settings” > “301 Redirect”, and add the source and target domain names.
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