Resolve a domain name to a Web Hosting instance

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2018

A domain name must be resolved to the address provided by Web Hosting. This helps you or your users to visit the website hosted on the Web Hosting instance by accessing the domain name. Once a Web Hosting instance is purchased, an address * is provided. You must add CNAME resolution to *


  1. Log on to the Web Hosting console.

  2. On the Host List page, search for the instance which you want to resolve the domain name to, and click Manage.

  3. In the left-side navigation pane, click Instance Details, and copy the Test Domain value.

  4. Resolve the domain name.

    • If you have registered your domain name with Alibaba Cloud Domains and you are using Alibaba Cloud DNS service, resolve the domain name as follows:

      1. In the Alibaba Cloud console, choose Products > Domains & Websites > Alibaba Cloud DNS.

      2. On the Basic DNS page, find the domain name which you want to resolve, and click Configure.

      3. At the upper-right corner of the DNS Settings page, click Add Record.

      4. In the Add Record dialog box, complete the following configurations, and click OK.
        • Select Type as CNAME.
        • Enter Host as www.
        • Retain ISP line as Default.
        • In the Value field, enter or paste the Test Domain value that you can copy from the Web Hosting Instance Details page.
    • If you have registered your domain name from other domain providers, or you do not use Alibaba Cloud DNS, contact your service provider to resolve the issues, if any.

    • If you have registered your domain name from other domain providers, and you want to use Alibaba Cloud DNS, you must manually add the domain name to the DNS list in the Alibaba Cloud DNS console. For more information, see Add and manage records.

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