Set the 404 page

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2018

If a website visitor requests web services through a browser, but uses a URL that does not exist, is incorrect, or has been deleted from the server, the web server returns an error message: 404 Not Found.

The 404 page content

Generally, the default 404 pages preset by most web servers do not meet requirements. You can design and upload a 404 error page that meet your requirements and which can contain the following content:

  • A jump link, such as “Back to the index page”.

  • A prompt indicating that the visitor enters an incorrect URL and asking the visitor to enter the URL again.

  • A prompt asking the visitor to submit the invalid link to the administrator.

  • A public service announcement explaining why a 404 message is being returned.

Set a custom 404 page

You can set a custom 404 page on the Web Hosting console.


You have designed a 404 page file and upload it to the Web Hosting instance using FTP.


  1. Log on to the Web Hosting console.

  2. On the Host List page, find the Web Hosting instance on which the website is hosted in and click Manage.

    host list

  3. Click Environment Settings > 404 Page Settings.


  4. Locate your designed 404 page file and click Submit.


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