OSS does not allow you to directly move or modify OSS objects or folders. This topic describes how to move and modify OSS objects or folders.

Move objects or folders

To move objects or folders, call the CopyObject operation to copy objects from the source bucket to the destination bucket. Delete the source objects after they are copied to the destination bucket.
Warning Before you delete source objects, ensure that objects are copied as expected to prevent data loss. We recommend that you enable versioning to prevent data loss from unexpected modification or deletion. For more information about versioning, see Introduction to versioning.

Modify objects

OSS does not allow you to directly modify objects or folders online. To modify objects, use the following methods:
  • Modify objects
    To modify an object, you must download the object to a local device. Modify the object on the local device. Upload the modified object to the same path in OSS to overwrite the previous object.
  • Modify folder names

    You must create a folder. Copy the objects from the source folder to the new destination folder. Delete the source objects and folder. For more information about the copy operation, see Move objects or folders.