Invalid ICP Filing means the ICP Filing of a website domain name resolved to an IP address that belongs to a non-access service provider, or the domain name is not valid. 

The ICP Filing is still recorded in MIIT system. However, if you do not have another service provider,  the ICP number may soon be cancelled by the local communications administration. We recommend that you do as follows:

  • If you are using an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance, you can do as follows.
    • If the ICP Filing transfer has not been cancelled, direct the website domain to your ECS instance immediately, and make sure your website is accessible.
    • If the ICP Filing transfer has been canceled, submit an ICP Filing transfer application immediately. After successful transfer, your website is accessible. For ICP Filing transfer method, see Transfer an ICP Filing.
  • If you no longer use Alibaba Cloud servers, transfer the ICP Filing to your new service provider immediately.