Document uploading FAQs

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2018

Document uploading requirements

Upload the required document images that are used for ICP Filing. The uploaded documents must meet the following requirements:

  • Scanned color copies or a digital photos of the original documents.

  • Pictures are clear and complete in view.

  • Documents are in the validity periods.

    • A digital photo of the subject ID document that is used in the ICP Filing.

    • A digital photo of the website administrator ID document that is used in the ICP Filing.

    • A digital photo of the subject license that is used in the ICP Filing.


  • Supported formats: .jpg, .png, .gif, and .jpeg. The image size must be within 4 MB.

  • Be sure that the images are clear, complete, and error free.

  • Other documents, if any, must be in the same image as the subject’s document.

Why can’t I upload document images?

If you cannot upload images of your documents, check that the images are in the correct format and size.

  • The format is .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png.

  • The size of a single image is within 4 MB.

If the images are in correct format and size, we recommend that you clear your browser cache or try with another web browser.

Considerations for completing the authenticity verification form

Click Download to download the form and print it out. After filling out this form, scan or photograph it and upload the image to the system for review.

Fill out the form with a black ink pen.

The requirements may vary across different local communications administrations. Read the rules carefully.


  • Organizations: All local communications administration offices require that the authenticity verification form of an organization is stamped with the organization’s official seal.

  • Individuals: Jiangxi and Xinjiang require that for individual ICP Filing, the website administrator must sign and stamp the authentication form with fingerprint. In other regions, individuals are required to clearly sign the form.

  • Guangdong uses a different form than other provinces. In Guangdong, when the ICP Filing subject is an individual, this person must hand write the required content.

How do I upload a letter of authorization and other materials?

If you are required to upload a letter of authorization or other documents according to the rules of the local communications administration, you can make these documents in the same image and upload them together. For example, you can make the organization name change certificate in the same image as the business license, or make the letter of authorization in the same image as the website administrator’s ID documents).

Upload documents with the Alibaba Cloud app

Alibaba Cloud app allows you to upload ICP Filing documents and complete website administrator verification at the same time. Currently, this function is now available in Guangdong, Chongqing, Liaoning, Anhui, and Fujian. You can use the Alibaba Cloud app (version 3.16.0 or later) to upload documents and perform website administrator authenticity verification.

Verification process in the Alibaba Cloud app:

In the Upload Documents step of the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system (Only available in Chinese), select Upload with Alibaba Cloud app.


  1. Download and install the Alibaba Cloud app.
  2. Use the Alibaba Cloud app to scan the QR code in the Upload with Alibaba Cloud app section of the Upload Documents page.

    Method 1: Open the app, tap Console > ICP Filing > Scan Order QR Code.


    Method 2: Open the app, tap the scan icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.


  3. Take photos of the documents required for verification and upload them.


    After uploading the documents, the app displays the order information verified on this mobile phone.


  4. On your computer, click Review Uploaded documents. Check the pictures and submit your application for review.

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