Website information FAQs

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2018

Considerations for subject information

Indicate the information of the ICP Filing subject (the information of the person/organization who owns the ICP Filing) as follows:

  • Enter the subject’s name, nature, credential type, credential no., and address according to the information indicated on your ICP Filing subject’s credentials (Business license for an organization or personal ID card for an individual).
  • Contact address: Enter the actual contact address. For an organization, enter the office address. For an individual, enter the individual’s residential address.
  • Investors or superiors: List the investors or superiors associated with the subject. Based on the nature of the entities, enter the full names of parent companies or organizations and the names of individuals.-Subject administrator information: For an individual, enter the personal information. For an organization, enter the information of the legal representative.

The requirements for the preceding information may vary by province/municipality. When entering this information, follow the system prompts. For specific requirements, click the following link to view the ICP Filing rules for different provinces.

Why does the system display a “There is an order in progress for this credential” prompt?

If, after you enter the credential number, the system prompts There is an order in progress for this credential. Please log on to the relevant account to operate on or change the credential for ICP Filing, this means an ICP Filing application has already been submitted in the ICP Filing system. In this case, log on to the corresponding account to perform ICP Filing operations.

Requirements for website information

Website name: The name must contain three or more Chinese characters and show that the website belongs to its ICP Filing subject. In other words, the website name must be associated with the ICP Filing subject.


  • You cannot use names composed only of numbers, English words, or letters. Name cannot include special characters.

  • For any non-state organization, its website name cannot use such words as “China” (中国), “Chinese” (中华), “Central Government” (中央), “People” (人民), “National Congress” (人大), or “National/State” (国家) or imply that they are State organizations.

  • You cannot use the website domain name as the website name.

  • The name may not contain sensitive words, such as anti-corruption (反腐), gambling (赌博), honest government (廉政), porn (色情).

  • For the naming rules for personal websites, see Personal website naming requirements.

Contact address: The contact address must be accurate to the room number. In the absence of a room number, explain in the remarks section as “This address is as detailed as possible”.

Service content : Select the most appropriate service content option based on the actual content of the website. For organization websites, select organization portal or integrated portal. For personal websites, the system has three options: Personal Blog, Online Images, and Other. Chongqing users can select Blog/Personal Space. Users in other provinces can select Other.

Preapproval and special approval content: If your website content involves education, news, and other such fields, you must submit a preapproval document to the competent authority. If your website does not have content that requires preapproval, do not select this option.

Personal website naming requirements

  • The name of a personal websites must reflect the primary content of the website to the greatest extent possible.

  • The name must contain three or more Chinese characters.

  • It cannot involve industry, enterprise, product, or other such commercial information.

  • It cannot be a name of person, a place name, or an idiom.

  • It cannot be only composed of numbers or English letters; it cannot contain special symbols.

  • It cannot contain sensitive words, such as anti-corruption (反腐), gambling (赌博), honest government (廉政), porn (色情).

  • For any non-state organization, its website name cannot use such words as “China” (中国), “Chinese” (中华), “Central Government” (中央), “People” (人民), “National Congress” (人大), or “National/State” (国家) or imply that they are State organizations.

  • It cannot be named as XX information (资讯), XX website (网站), XX network (网络), XX web address (网址), XX enthusiast (爱好者), XX gallery (作品展示), XX forum (论坛), XX community (社区), XX studio (工作室), XX platform (平台), XX homepage (主页), XX hotline (热线), XX association (社团), or XX navigation (导航).

  • Website names cannot contain words such as the following: blog (博客), forum (论坛), online (在线), community (社区), interaction (交流). If you want the name to include such a word, you must submit a pre-approval document to the relevant authorities.

  • The Jiangsu authority requires that, for website ICP Filing, the names of personal websites must be “XX’s blog” or “XX’s personal homepage”. In the remarks section, you must describe the primary content of the website.

    Some provinces do not allow certain industry and commercial keywords to be used in the names of personal websites. The following table lists specific prohibited Chinese words:  


    Province/MunicipalityProhibited industry and commercial terms
    Beijing合伙, 评论, 中心, 售后, 学院, 社团, 博客, 论坛, 社区, 返现, 团购
    Guangdong媒体, 股票, 证券, 彩票, 体彩, 刮刮乐, 导航, 论坛, 社区, 交流 , 商城, 交易, 返现, 批发, 利润, 商务
    Zhejiang工作室, 官网, 行业, 电商, 企业, 工坊, 中心, 产业, 农业, 养殖, 股票, 证券, 彩票, 体彩, 刮刮乐, 博客, 论坛, 在线, 社区
    Henan合伙, 框架, 大众, 维修, 设计, 沙龙, 艺术, 评论, 工作室, 官网, 服务, 转让, 品牌, 排行榜, 行业, 宣传, 电商, 报价, 企业, 管理, 工坊, 传播, 中心, 交流, 咨询, 投资, 售后, 学院, 贸易, 旗舰, 产业, 农业, 传媒, 管理, 系统, 媒体, 股票, 证券, 彩票, 体彩, 刮刮乐, 工作室, 热线, 社团, 导航, 论坛, 在线, 社区, 交流, 营销, 商城, 交易, 折扣, 定做, 定制, 购, 返现, 购物, 贸易, 导购, 淘宝, 网淘, 阿里, 诚信通, 旺铺, 网购, 批发, 市场, 利润, 团购, 易购, 商务
    Liaoning合伙, 大众, 维修, 沙龙, 工作室, 互联, 官网, 品牌, 行业, 宣传, 电商, 企业, 管理, 工坊, 传播, 咨询, 投资, 贸易, 产业, 养殖, 传媒, 媒体, 股票, 证券, 彩票, 体彩, 咨询, 网络, 网址, 平台, 论坛, 站长网, 商城, 交易, 折扣, 购, 购物, 返现, 易购, 淘宝, 网淘, 网购, 旺铺, 团购 
    Hubei官网, 行业, 电商, 企业, 学院, 论坛, 商城, 团购
    Ningxia网, 技术, 信息, 工作室, 资讯, 网站, 网络, 网址, 爱好者, 作品展示, 工作室, 平台, 主页, 热线, 社团, 导航, 博客, 论坛, 在线, 社区, 交流, 网站, 营销, 商城, 交易, 折扣, 定做, 定制, 购, 返现, 购物, 贸易, 导购, 淘宝, 网淘, 阿里, 诚信通, 旺铺, 网购, 批发, 市场, 利润, 团购, 易购, 商务
    Hebei工作室, 官网, 企业, 中心, 学院, 彩票, 体彩, 刮刮乐, 工作室, 社团, 论坛, 社区, 商城, 淘宝, 团购
    Guizhou评论, 信息, 互联, 官网, 排行榜, 行业, 宣传, 电商, 售后, 学院, 传媒, 媒体, 股票, 证券, 彩票, 体彩, 刮刮乐, 资讯, 网址, 平台, 主页, 热线, 导航, 博客, 论坛, 在线, 社区, 交流, 营销, 商城, 交易, 折扣, 购, 返现, 购物, 导购, 淘宝, 网淘, 旺铺, 网购, 批发, 团购, 易购
    Hunan官网, 电商, 报价, 企业, 售后, 学院, 产业, 媒体, 博客, 论坛, 营销, 商城, 交易, 折扣, 定做, 定制, 购, 返现, 购物, 贸易, 导购, 淘宝, 网淘, 阿里, 诚信通, 旺铺, 网购, 批发, 市场, 利润, 团购, 易购, 商务
    Inner Mongolia学院, 股票, 证券, 彩票, 体彩, 刮刮乐, 导航, 博客, 论坛, 在线, 营销, 商城, 交易, 折扣, 购, 返现, 购物, 导购, 淘宝, 网淘, 网购, 利润, 团购, 易购


Considerations for administrator information

  • Email address: Enter a valid email address that can receive emails.

  • Credential type: ID card, mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents, passport, military ID.

  • Credential number: Enter the number displayed on the selected credential.

  • Office phone number: Phone number format: 086-area code-phone number (for example, 086-0535-6700763). The office phone number must be consistent with the location of the contact address. (This item must be carefully checked. The area code must correspond to the contact address.) For personal websites, you can enter a home phone number as the office phone number.

  • Mobile phone number: You must enter a valid mobile phone number that can be used to contact the ICP Filing administrator. During the ICP Filing verification, reviewers may call the number to verify information.

The website administrator must be the actual person in charge of the website. In a later stage, the website administrator must upload authenticity verification photos.

If it is not convenient for the legal representative to undergo photo verification, another person can be entered as the website administrator. However, some provinces/municipalities require that, if the website administrator is not the legal representative, you must submit a letter of authorization from the legal representative. This letter must be uploaded in the same image as the website administrator’s credentials. You can download a letter of authorization template from the website of your local authority, or click download letter of authorization.You must first review the ICP Filing rules for your specific province/municipality.

Can I submit applications for multiple website ICP Filings at the same time?

The number of applications you can submit at the same time varies with the type of ICP Filing.

  • Initial ICP Filing and Add new website for ICP Filing (when the original filing is with Alibaba Cloud): You can submit ICP Filing applications for multiple websites at the same time. After entering the information for one website, click Save and Add Another Website at the bottom of the page to add other websites.

  • Add new website for ICP Filing (when the original filing is not with Alibaba Cloud: You are only allowed to submit an ICP Filing application for one website because your subject information is not in Alibaba Cloud. After the new website is approved, you can apply for multiple website ICP Filings under this ICP Filing number.

  • Transfer an ICP Filing: This operation transfers an ICP Filing subject’s filings from another service provider to Alibaba Cloud. You can submit an application to transfer multiple websites under the same ICP Filing number. For example: Assume you have the ICP Filing numbers Zhejiang ICP Filing 1200000 -1 and Zhejiang ICP Filing 1200000 -2. After entering the information of the “-1” website, you can click Transfer Another ICP Filing to submit a transfer application for the “-2” website.

How is pre-approval handled?

Verify whether or not you have to perform pre-approval for your website based on your website content. If pre-approval is not required, you can indicate this in the remarks sections. If pre-approval is required, review the information below and contact your local authority.

Industries that require pre-approval and the approval authorities:

Category Approval authority Pre-approval name Remarks
News The State Council Information Office or the information office of the people’s government of the province, autonomous region, or municipality Internet News Information Service License N/A
Publication The State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film, and Television Internet Publishing License N/A
Medicines and medical devices Provincial food and drug administrations; Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (for pesticide or chemical production enterprises) Drug Business License, Medical Device Distributing Enterprise License, Internet Drug Information Service Qualification Certificate. The licenses for chemicals issued by the MIIT N/A
Culture Provincial departments of culture Internet Culture Business License N/A
Broadcast, film, and television programs The State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film, and Television License for Transmitting Audio or Video Programs Through Information Networks N/A
Education Provincial departments of education N/A Abolished in all provinces except Zhejiang, Qinghai, and Tibet.
Healthcare Provincial departments of public health N/A Abolished in all provinces except Hebei and Tibet.
Online car booking Traffic management committee of the region where the company is registered Online Taxi Booking Business License N/A
Bulletin board service Provincial communication administrations N/A Abolished nationwide.

Industries that require pre-approval:


Internet news services refer to the provision of electronic bulletin board services pertaining to current political news and the dissemination of newsletters by publishing news on the Internet (political news items include reports and comments on political, economic, military, diplomatic, and other social and public affairs, and reports and comments on social emergencies).

Category 1: An Internet news service organization set up by a news agency to publish news not published by the agency itself, to provide a bulletin board service for current political news, or disperse newsletters to the public.

Category 2: An Internet news service organization set up by an organization other than an Internet news agency to repost news, to provide bulletin board services for current political news, or disperse newsletters to the public.

Category 3: An Internet news service organization set up by a news agency to publish news that has been published by the news agency itself.


Internet publishing refers to the online dissemination of information. Specifically, the service provider selects and edits works, either self-created or created by others, and publishes the edited works or transmits the edited works over the Internet to user terminals for the public to view, read, use, or download. Main types of works: Published books, newspapers, periodicals, audiovisual products, electronic publications, works published on other media, or edited works in literature, arts, natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, and other fields.

All business activities involving online e-reading, electronic publications, audiovisual products, Internet books, Internet newspapers, Internet magazines, mobile publications, academic publications, art publications, educational publications, games, and maps on the Internet and mobile networks must apply for Internet Publishing Licenses from relevant authorities.

Medicine and medical devices

According to the Measures Regarding the Administration of Drug Information Service over the Internet, Internet drug information services that provide drug (including medical equipment) information to online users over the Internet.


According to the Interim Provisions on Internet Culture Management, Internet cultural products refer to cultural products (such as games, music, cartoons) that are produced, disseminated, and circulated on the Internet.

Broadcast, film, and television programs

These are activities that involve videos and video programs that are shot or recorded by cameras, recorders, or other video and audio recording devices and composed of continuously moving images or continuously audible sounds, such as video and live broadcast websites.


Education pre-approval applies to educational websites and online schools, such as diploma services, distance learning videos, and examination training.


Internet healthcare information services refer to the provision of healthcare information services to online users by setting up websites for medical and health institutions or preventive health knowledge, or by establishing preventive health channels on websites.

In 2015, the State Council decided to abolish the first batch of 62 administrative approval items by local authorities designated by the central government. Among them, the 8th item abolished the Internet healthcare information service approval.

Bulletin board service

An Internet bulletin board service (hereinafter referred to as a BBS) refers to a service that provides conditions for online users to disseminate information through bulletin boards, electronic whiteboards, electronic forums, online chat rooms, message boards, and other interactive formats.

Special requirements: The State Council issued the Decisions on Abolishing and Delegating the Fifth Batch of Administrative Approval Items at the Management Level, Article VII of which stipulates the “Notice on Abolishing Internet Bulletin Board Service Special Approval (ICP Filing)”.

Online car booking

Organizations that engage in taxi booking business services, management, and other related activities on the Internet within a municipal administrative region must apply for an Online Taxi Booking Business License. Internet taxi booking services refer to any business that relies on Internet technologies to build a service platform for integrating supply and demand information and employing qualified vehicles and drivers to provide non-itinerant taxi booking services (simply put, such a company uses an Internet platform to provide an online taxi hailing service).

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