Apply for ICP Filing service codes

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Each Alibaba Cloud ECS instance comes with five ICP Filing service codes. On the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system, you can use these codes for product verification at the time of ICP Filing for your website domain name.


  • Requirements for servers: The region of your ECS instance must be in mainland China, the ECS instance must have at least a 3-month subscription, and you must have bought Internet bandwidth. If you did not buy Internet bandwidth when buying the ECS instance, see the instructions in Upgrade/Downgrade Configurations to buy Internet bandwidth.
    Note: The Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system does not support Pay-As-You-Go instances.

  • Number limit: You can apply for at most five ICP Filing service codes for an ECS instance.

  • One service code can only be used once: When an ICP Filing service code is used, it becomes permanently invalid after the filing is completed. The number can neither be used for the filing of another website domain name, nor be released or deleted for reuse.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing Management console using the account with which you purchase the Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.

  2. Click ICP No. Application from the drop-down box.

  3. In the instance list, find the instance for which you want to apply for an ICP Filing service number. Click Apply from the information window of the instance.

  4. Click OK to confirm your application for a service code.

    Once your application is successfully completed, you can view the ICP service code on the ICP No. Management page.

    Note: If the Apply button is not displayed, it means the ECS instance does not qualify for ICP Filing. For more information, see Restrictions.


Why is the Apply button on my ICP No. Application page not displayed?

Possible reasons are as follows:

  • The account you log on with is not the account you use when purchasing the ECS instance.

  • When purchasing the ECS instance, you select Pay-As-You-Go as the payment method which is not supported by ICP Filing. To change the payment method, see switch from Pay-As-You-Go to Subscription.

  • The payment method of your ECS instance is Subscription, but the remaining time of the subscription is shorter than 3 months which is required by ICP Filing. If your remaining subscription time is not long enough, renew your subscription to meet the requirement.

  • Your ECS instance has been expired. You cannot apply for an ICP Filing service code for an expired server. For more information about ECS billing information, See ECS Prepayment (Monthly/Annual Subscription).

  • You have already reached the maximum limit of ICP Filing service code applications for this ECS instance. You can apply for at most five ICP Filing service codes for an ECS instance. In this case, you must buy a new ECS instance for filing a new website.

  • The region selected for the Alibaba Cloud ECS you purchased is not in mainland China. If your ECS instance is in regions outside mainland China, you are not required to file with the MIIT.

Why is “No available IPs for this ECS instance” displayed?

Currently, an Alibaba Cloud ECS can be used for product verification in ICP Filing only if it has Internet bandwidth and Internet IP. To get the Internet IP, make sure you have Internet bandwidth for the instance.

I have not purchased an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance. Can I get an ICP Filing service code?

If you want to apply for an ICP Filing service code, you must buy an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance first.

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