Change ICP Filing information

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2018

You have obtained an ICP Filing license with your domain name and identifications, and you want to change the information of the subject or a website.

Note: You cannot change the province where your ICP Filing is registered. If you use a new domain name to replace the old one, you cannot visit the website with the old domain name after the new domain name is approved by the communicationsadministration.


Follow these steps to change the information:

  1. Log on to the ICP Filing system (only available in Chinese). On the homepage, you can view successfully filed records.

  2. Click Change Subject Information or Change Website Information to edit the ICP subject information or website information.

    Note: If you cannot find the related button, the reason may be that you have another ICP Filing order in progress that is using your ICP Filing information. ICP Filing orders of different types cannot be processed at the same time. You can cancel the other order in progress or apply for information change later after the communications administration approves the order.

  3. Enter your new ICP information.

  4. Upload scanned copies or photos of your ID and other required documents, and then submit the application for a preliminary review.

    Currently, the communications administration of Guangdong, Chongqing, Liaoning, An’hui, and Fujian support using Alibaba Cloud app to upload documents and verify the website administrator. If you are in these regions, on the document upload page, you can select Using Alibaba Cloud app to Upload option before you upload the documents. For more information, see uploading document FAQs.

  5. After the preliminary review passes, the website administrator must take a photo according to the MIIT requirements and upload it for verification. You must avoid wearing red or blue color outfit at the time when taking the photo.

    Note (for Shanghai users): Shanghai Communications Administration requires that ICP Filing applicants in Shanghai must use Shanghai Communications Administration app (only available in Chinese) to verity the website administrator. For more information, see Using Shanghai Communications Administration app.

Alibaba Cloud submits your ICP Filing information to the local communications administration for approval in one workday once your photo passes the verification.

The review result is sent to you by a text message and an email.

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