Add new websites for ICP Filing ( Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing user)

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2018

If you are an Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing user, and want to add a new website for ICP Filing, you can add the ICP Filing application on Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing System (available in Chinese only).

  1. Log on to the ICP Filing System (available in Chinese only).

  2. Enter the subject information and the domain name.

  3. Verify your ECS instance by the ICP Filing service code. Log on to Alibaba Cloud official website, and go to the console > ICP No. Application to apply for the ICP Filing service code for your ECS instance.

  4. Enter the information of the administrators of the ICP Filing subject and website.

  5. Upload the identification and document pictures.

  6. After passing Alibaba Cloud review, the person in charge of the website must take photos as required and upload the photos for verification.

    Note for Shanghai users: Shanghai Communications Administration requires that ICP Filing applicants in Shanghai must use Shanghai Communications Administration app (available in Chinese only ) to verity the website administrator. For more information, see Using Shanghai Communications Administration app.

  7. Verify the mobile phone number of the subject and website administrators. Currently, mobile phone verification is only for Tianjin, Gansu, Tibet, Ningxia, Hainan, Xinjiang, and Qinghai.

    If you are applying an ICP Filing from Tianjin, Gansu, Tibet, Ningxia, Hainan, Xinjiang, and Qinghai, you receive a text message (in Chinese) from the MIIT in about five minutes after you get the Alibaba Cloud message and email. You must follow the message to verify the mobile phones in 48 hours. For more information about the mobile phone number verification, see Mobile phone verification for ICP Filing.

You are notified with the result by a text message and an email.

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