ICP Filing for the first time

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2018

Each Chinese province has its own ICP Filing regulations. An ICP Filing must be registered in the same province where the applicants’ licenses were issued.


In accordance with the official application process, the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system is only available in Chinese. Therefore, you must complete the application in Chinese. In case of any problems, contact us.


  • Carefully go through the local ICP Filing regulations.

  • You must keep scanned copies or photos of your identifications and other required documents handy.

    • For individual, you must have a scanned copy or a photo of the front and back of your ID card.

    • For organization, you must have a scanned copy of the organization’s registration certificate, scanned copies of the front and back of the ID card of the person in charge of ICP Filing and the website administrator, and an authentication document duly stamped with the company’s official seal.

  • Purchase an ECS instance with a subscription for at least three months and an Internet IP.

  • Register a domain name from a Chinese domain name provider (for example, aliyun.com). The real-name registration information of the domain name must be the same as the information of the ICP Filing subject or the subject administrator.


  1. Apply for an ICP Filing service code through the Alibaba Cloud console.

    The ICP Filing service code is used to verify your ECS instance during ICP Filing process.

    1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud console.

    2. Click ICP > ICP No. Application.

    3. On the ICP No. Application page, find the instance which hosts the website in the instance list, and click Apply.

      After you successfully apply the ICP Filing service code, you can see it on the ICP No. Management page.

  2. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system (only available in Chinese), and enter the required information in the registration form.


    • Select the region (province and district) according to the actual location of ICP Filing subject.This action displays the requirements of the local communications administration. You must submit the required documents for ICP Filing according to the local requirements.

    • The domain name must be registered from a Chinese domain name provider only. For example, the Chinese site of Alibaba Cloud (aliyun.com). The MIIT system verifies the domain name holder information and the ICP Filing subject information, so make sure that the domain name has passed the domain name real-name registration, and the information is the same as the ICP Filing subject information. For more information, see Domain name verification requirements.

  3. Verify your Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.

    Select Alibaba Cloud as the product type, and verify the instance by the ICP Filing service code you applied in the Alibaba Cloud console.

  4. Enter the details in ICP Filing form.

    Note: The contact address and mobile phone number must be from the same province as the subject is in.

  5. Enter the basic information of your website.

    Note: Read and follow the requirements on the right-side of the page when you enter your website information.

  6. Upload documents for approval.

    Upload scanned copies or photos of the required documents.On this page, click and download the authenticity statement. Enter the required details, scan or take a photo of the complete page, and then upload.

    After you submit your ICP Filing application, Alibaba Cloud reviews your information, which takes one business day.

    Note: Both, Alibaba Cloud and the Communications Administration (local MIIT office) contact you by phone. Make sure your phone number is in service and the call is answered during the normal working hours in China.

    Currently, the communications administrations of Guangdong, Chongqing, Liaoning, An’hui, and Fujian support using Alibaba Cloud app to upload documents and verify the website administrator. If you are in these regions, you can select Using Alibaba Cloud app to Upload at the document uploading page. For more information, see Uploading document FAQs.

  7. Upload the website administrator’s photo for verification.

    After you pass the preliminary review, the website administrator must take photos as required and upload the photos for verification.

    Note for Shanghai users: Shanghai Communications Administration requires that that ICP Filing applicants in Shanghai must use Shanghai Communications Administration app (only available in Chinese) to verity the website administrator. For more information, see Using Shanghai Communications Administration app.

    For other regions, ICP applicants can select one of several designated places, which are scattered in most major cities in China, to take an official photo as part of the application process. This rule demands the applicants to physically present in China long enough to have a picture taken.

    However, Alibaba Cloud can make it easier. You can apply for an official background (that is “photo backdrop”) from the document uploading page of your ICP Filing process. Alibaba Cloud can ship the photo backdrop to anywhere in mainland China. You can take a picture in front of the backdrop and upload the photo for review.

    After receiving eligible pictures and approving your application, Alibaba Cloud submits the application to the communications administration for approval. You are notified by an email and a text message.

  8. Verify the mobile phone number of the subject and website administrators. Currently, mobile phone verification is active only for Tianjin, Gansu, Tibet, Ningxia, Hainan, Xinjiang, and Qinghai.

    If you are applying an ICP Filing from Tianjin, Gansu, Tibet, Ningxia, Hainan, Xinjiang, and Qinghai, you receive a text message (in Chinese) from the MIIT in about five minutes after you get the Alibaba Cloud message and email. You must verify your mobile phone number by following the text message in 48 hours. For more information about how to verify the mobile phone numbers, see Mobile phone verification for ICP Filing.

    Once your ICP Filing is approved by the authority, you receive an ICP filing number and password. These are sent to the mobile phone and email address.

Note: You must save your filing number and password because you will use this information in future, if you ever want to edit or update your ICP Filing.

Now that the ICP Filing has been completed, your website’s domain name is resolvable from within China, and Chinese users can access your website.

If you intend to engage in ecommerce, you can contact the local communications administration and start the ICP Commercial License application process.

No matter what type of ICP registration you’ve completed. You must complete a PSB Filing as well. See the next step.

PSB Filing

All website operators with an ICP number are also required to log on to the Public Security Bureau (PSB) Filing website (only available in Chinese) to complete PSB Filing.

Follow the Public Security Bureau (PSB) Filing website for more information.

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