To supervise the website content, Tianjin Communications Administration inspects the ICP Filing information and the actual website content strictly. If your business is registered in Tianjin, note the following:

  • Individual business ICP Filing: Individual businesses must be filed as enterprises. If you have registered an organization name for your business, enter the organization name on your Industrial and Commercial Business License.  Otherwise, enter the legal representative name with a remark “个体工商户 (individual business)” in the brackets after the name of the legal representative in Chinese. For example, Jack. Ma (个体工商户).

  • Individual ICP Filing: The actual website name must be the same as the website name in the ICP Filing information,  and the website content cannot include information on enterprises and industries. Individuals cannot run e-commerce websites.

  • The websites must be accessible half a year after the ICP Filing number is issued by the communications administration.

  • Enterprise ICP Filing: The subject and the website administrator cannot be the same person.  A same mobile phone number cannot appear in different contact information.