What should I do if my domain name expires?

When a domain name expires, its domain name resolution (DNS) becomes invalid temporarily, which may cause your website to become unavailable. Alibaba Cloud will notify you before your domain name expires. See domain name information.

If you renew the expired domain name, then the DNS will be restored within 24-48 hours after the domain renewal.

For more information, see renew a domain name.

What should I do if I encounter domain name resolution exceptions?

The reasons for this issue are as follows:

  • The host is not associated with the domain name.
  • The DNS setting of this domain name is abnormal. You can log on to the Alibaba Cloud Domain console, and click Go to Alibaba Cloud DNS product list to verify if the DNS settings of the target domain name is normal.
  • The domain name has just been renewed/redeemed. We recommend that you refresh the local DNS cache, clear browser cache, and patiently wait.

What should I do if I receive this message “This domain name has expired and cannot be accessed”?

  • Failure to renew the domain when it expires. You can log on to the Alibaba Cloud Domain console and renew the domain as soon as possible.
  • Once the domain name is renewed, you must wait for the local DNS cache to be refreshed. We recommend that you clear browser cache, or use another browser and try again.