Last Updated: Mar 27, 2017

Alibaba Cloud bandwidth and processing capacity

A single Alibaba Cloud CDN node provides a service capacity of 40 Gbps and a total processing capacity of over 10 Tbps.

How many nodes does Alibaba Cloud CDN have in China? Does it have nodes in other countries?

Alibaba Cloud CDN has over 50 common nodes and almost 500 storage nodes in Mainland China. These cover China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Tietong, CERNET, Great Wall Broadband, and other mainland carriers. Alibaba Cloud CDN also has foreign nodes in Europe, the Americas, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. However, these foreign nodes are not currently available for external service. Learn more.

In what scenarios can CDN be used?

CDN is applicable to websites with a large volume of traffic, such as online streaming, games, social media, e-commerce, and file sharing sites.

CDN caches the content to a node that is in close proximity to the user in order to improve user experience. Therefore, CDN is suitable for use with large static resource access volumes, including HTML, JS, CSS, APL, MP3, FLV, JPG, GIF, MP4, and all other static resources.

How can I use Alibaba Cloud CDN to optimize acceleration performance?

When used in combination with other Alibaba Cloud products, CDN can optimize back-to-source speeds and acceleration performance.

  • It can work seamlessly with OSS to increase website access speeds and reduce OSS Internet traffic fees.

  • It can work with ECS to increase site availability, protect the origin site information on the server, and reduce bandwidth costs.

Note: CDN can use Server Load Balancer for origin site address back-to-source.

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