This topic describes the open-source Apache Kafka versions supported by Message Queue for Apache Kafka instances.

  • Message Queue for Apache Kafka Standard Edition: Only the open-source Apache Kafka version 0.10.x is supported and it is deployed by default. To use later versions, upgrade your instance to the Professional Edition first. For more information, see Upgrade the instance configuration and Upgrade the instance version.
  • Message Queue for Apache Kafka Professional Edition: Open-source Apache Kafka versions 0.10.x to 2.x are supported. By default, version 0.10.x is deployed. For more information about how to upgrade your Apache Kafka version, see Upgrade the instance version.
  • Version 2.x is compatible with versions 0.10.x and 0.9.0.
  • Version 0.10.x is compatible with version 0.9.0.