In a Kubernetes cluster with the virtual-kubelet node or a serverless Kubernetes cluster, the following issue may occur: An ECI has been scheduled to the virtual-kubelet node, but no new events are generated. In this case, you need to query the logs of the ECI and troubleshoot the issue based on the logs.


The ECI is in the PodScheduled: True state. However, no new events are generated, as shown in the following figure.
Note If a new event is generated, you can troubleshoot the issue based on the generated event.


1. Log on to the cluster through Cloud Shell.

2. Query the pods that have been scheduled to the virtual-kubelet node.

kubectl -n kube-system get pods

3. Find the target ECI, whose name starts with ack-virtual-node-controller-. Query the logs of the ECI.

kubectl -n kube-system logs ack-virtual-node-controller-xxxxxxxxxx

4. Troubleshot the issue based the latest error messages in the logs. Alternatively, submit a ticket and provide the ID of the request and error messages to Alibaba Cloud technical support engineers for them to troubleshoot the issue.