If you cannot find your instance in the apsaradb for RDS console, possible reasons are as follows:
  • Failed to switch to the correct region.

    You can view the instance in the instance list only after you switch to the region where the instance resides. You can switch in the upper-left corner of the console.

  • The instance has been completely released because it has not been renewed or recharged for a long time.

    If your account is overdue or has expired, Alibaba Cloud will release the instance after a certain period of time. Impact of expiration and overdue payment.

  • The console is not refreshed or the console is refreshed prematurely.

    If you cannot find a new instance in the instance List, refresh the console after a while and then check whether the instance appears in the list.

  • Resources are insufficient.

    If you purchase a new instance, a refund is sometimes caused by insufficient resources. You can check the refund in billing management. After confirming the refund, you can purchase another instance or submit a ticket.