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How can I determine the current status based on client logs

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2019

The client log file of MQ is ons.log, including INFO, WARN, and ERROR logs.

This topic describes common client log information, which helps you obtain information from the printed logs and determine the current status in order to troubleshoot faults.

The following table lists log information in the ons.log file (continuously updated).

Log level Printed information Description Solution
INFO [persistAll] Group: CID_XXXX ClientId: updateConsumeOffsetToBroker MessageQueue [topic=XXXX, brokerName=qdinternetorder-XX, queueId=X] 1013XXX This indicates that the message has been consumed and the consumption progress has been made persistent on the MQ broker. MessageQueue includes the message topic, corresponding broker name, and consumption queue ID. N/A
INFO [PULL_TPS] [CID_XXXX@CID_XXXX] Stats In One Minute, SUM: 0 TPS: 0.00 AVGPT: 0.00</br>[PULL_RT] [%RETRY%CID_XXXX@CID_XXXX] Stats In One Minute, SUM: 0 TPS: 0.00 AVGPT: 0.00 This printed information displays the TPS when messages are pulled by calling consumeQueue. N/A
WARN [TIMEOUT_CLEAN_QUEUE]broker busy, start flow control for a while, period in queue: 905ms, size of queue: 1164 The MQ broker is under high pressure and cannot process so many requests. The broker writes pageCache first and then refreshes the disk when storing data. Therefore, the expired requests are cleared every 10 seconds (this process can determine whether the cache page is busy).
  1. Scale out by increasing brokers to share the pressure, and
  2. increase the value of osPageCacheBusyTimeOutMills.
WARN execute the pull request exception CODE: 25 DESC: the consumer's subscription not latest
The broker reports its router information to NameServer at a preset interval. If the network jitters and the latest subscription information cannot be obtained during this process, this warning will appear when consumers need to consume messages. N/A
WARN [WRONG]mq is consuming, so can not unlock it, MessageQueue [topic=XX, brokerName=szorder2-02, queueId=1]. maybe hanged for a while, 2 During load balancing, the message queue is attempted to be locked. If the lock is not successful within one second, the current message queue has been accessed by other consumers and cannot be unlocked. N/A
WARN doRebalance, XXX-CID, add a new mq failed, MessageQueue [topic=XXXX, brokerName=szorder2-XX, queueId=X], because lock failed An ordered topic is used currently. To ensure the ordered consumption of messages in a single shard, a lock mechanism is enabled. If this log is printed for a client, consumers have started to consume messages in a shard. N/A
WARN get Topic [XXXXXX] RouteInfoFromNameServer is not exist value CODE: 17 DESC: No topic route info in name server for the topic: TOPIC_XXXXX</br>See for further details.
  • Incorrect AccessKey (containing AccessKeyId and AccessKeySecret)
  • No group ID created under the current instance in the console
  • Incorrect NameServerAddr in instantiation code
  • Configure the correct AccessKey
  • . Create a group ID under the current instance
  • . We recommend that you configure NameServerAddr for Java SDK 1.8.0 and later versions. The parameter can be obtained from the MQ console, which is inconsistent with the ONSAddr configured in earlier versions.
WARN com.aliyun.openservices.ons.api.impl.authority.exception.AuthenticationException: signature validate by dauth failed Incorrect AccessKey (containing AccessKeyId and AccessKeySecret) Configure the AccessKey used to create the group ID.
WARN NettyClientPublicExecutor_3 - execute the pull request exception CODE: 26 DESC: subscription group [CID_XXX] does not exist,
See for further details.
The subscription relationship is not pushed to the RocketMQ broker. Add the group ID information to the subscription.json file.
WARN execute the pull request exception CODE: 24 DESC: the consumer's subscription not exist
The subscription relationship is missing. N/A