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:Web Hosting-RAM

Last Updated:Nov 09, 2018

Web Hosting and Alibaba Cloud Resource Access Management (RAM) are integrated to enable multiple employees in an enterprise to perform permission-based Web Hosting management. The Web Hosting user can create sub-accounts for employees and allow employees to manage Web Hosting.

  • By using the RAM, employees can use the sub-accounts to view, create, and manage Web Hosting. However, the sub-accounts are not the owner of resources, whose operation permissions may be revoked by the primary account at any time.
  • Before reading this document, ensure that you have carefully read RAM help manual.
  • Skip this section if you do not have such service scenarios.

You can use the RAM console or API to add operations.

System authorization policy

System permission AliyunWebHostingFullAccess has been preset at the Web Hosting. You can go to the Policy Management page to check the permissions.system preset

  • AliyunWebHostingFullAccess: It is an administrator privilege which can be used to manage all resources under the primary account.