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Last Updated:May 11, 2018
Term Description
CNAME A Canonical Name record (abbreviated as CNAME record) allows you to map multiple names to the same server. Generally, it is used on servers that provide both www and mail services.
Domain Name A string used to represent the server address. Multiple domain names are separated by dots (.).
Domain Name Resolution A process or service that converts a domain name to an IP address or other address.
Domain Name Bind A process that binds a domain name to a server. After resolving a domain name to a server, you must bind the domain name to the server for proper access to the website.
File Extraction A process that extracts files from compressed packages.
FTP File Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as FTP) is a protocol used to transmit data between computers.
Default Index Page The index page is opened by default when a website is accessed.
Access Statistics Report A graphical report based on the access logs of the website. It shows the access distribution conditions, such as file distribution, visitor location, and browsers.
Resource Monitoring A function that allows you to view the usage of Web Hosting resources by diagrams, such as the usage of CPU and memory.