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:Set a default homepage

Last Updated:May 18, 2018

A default homepage is the default page that appears when one visits a website file directory.

Note the following when you set a default homepage:

  • If you want to add several defualt homepages, the higher a default homepage is placed in the sequence, the higher execution priority it has. Therefore, adjust the order according to your needs.

  • Only one dynanmic file name (xxx.php) can be added, and all the files under the dynanmic name in the sequence can not be recognized and executed. Therefore, when you add a dynanmic file name, its priority must be lower than that of static files.


  1. Log on to the Web Hosting console.

  2. On the Host List page, locate the target instance.

  3. Click Manage to open the Instance Details page.

  4. In the left-side navigation pane, select Environment Settings > Default Homepage Settings.

  5. On the Default Homepage page, enter the homepage file name, and click Add.

  6. After you add all the homepage files, click Save.


    • If you want to remove a defaut homepage name, select the name and click × button, and then click Save.
    • If you want to modify a defaut homepage name, select the name, and click 2 button. After you modify the name, click button, and then click Save.