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:“No input file specified" error message when you try to open a test domain

Last Updated:Mar 08, 2018


Failed to open the test domain when you tried to use the test domain to debug the website and get the error report: No input file specified.


After you have uploaded the compressed file of the website program to the web hosting instance, you must extract the compressed file to the root directory of htdocs, or put default program files, such as index.html, to the root directory of htdocs. If the website program files are extracted to a subfolder of htdocs, you cannot visit the website through the test domain directly.

Log on to the FTP site of the website and check the location of the website program files. If they are in a subfolder of htdocs, then the problem is the result of the misplacement of website program files.

For example, the files are misplaced in the file of www.

Misplacement of website program


Method 1:

Add a slash (/) and the name of the subfolder where you put the website program files behind the test domain. For example, if the subfolder is www, then input test domain/www to visit the website.

Method 2:

Delete the subfolder and extract the compressed file to the root directory of htdocs.

Solution 2