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Get started with Web Hosting

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Web Hosting is equipped with built-in OS, databases, FTP sites and other services, which enable you to readily build a website. This article helps you familiar with the preparations and process on building a website.


Before you start building a website with Web Hosting, you need to consider and prepare the following:

Domain name

A domain name represents the server of a website on the Internet. With a domain name, one can search and visit your website. Therefore, before you start building and publishing your website, you need to register a domain name.

Website source code and data

Prepare the source code and data of your website and compress them into a package.

  • If you have written the website source code in your computer, and you want to use a Web Hosting instance to be the server, you need to migrate the code and data to the Web Hosting instance.

  • If you want to use a website content management system to build a website on a Web Hosting instance, choose a website content management system, such as WordPress, and download its compressed package.

FTP client

Each Web Hosting instance has a built-in FTP site which storages the code and data of your website. With an FTP client, you can transfer files between a Web Hosting instance and your computer.

After you download and install a FTP client on your local computer, upload the compressed package of website code and data to the Web Hosting instance by FTP client.

On the Web Hosting console, you can find the address and login name of the FTP site. For FTP client, we recommend FileZilla.


If you have done the preparations, let’s start off to build your website.

  1. Create an instance and check instance information

  2. Compress and upload website programs

  3. Extract website programs

  4. Debug a website

  5. Bind a domain name

  6. Resolve a domain name