Web+ has a built-in reverse proxy. After the reverse proxy is started, it listens on port 80 of ECS instances. It also replays HTTP requests that reach port 80 to the service port of applications that run on these ECS instances.


In Web+, you can use NGINX as a reverse proxy and open port 80 for access to an application from clients.

  1. Log on to the Web+ console.
  2. On the Overview page, click View All in the upper-right corner of the Last Updated Deployment Environments section.
  3. On the Applications and Deployment Environments page, click the > icon next to the name of an application to show a list of linked deployment environments.
    Note On the Deployment Environments list, the most recently updated four deployment environments are displayed. If the required deployment environment is displayed on the list, you can click the specific name to go to the Deployment Environment Details page.
  4. Click the specific name of a deployment environment to go to the Deployment Environment Details page.
  5. In the left-side navigation pane, click Configurations.
  6. In the Platforms section, you can view the Reverse Proxy setting, turn on the Enable Reverse Proxy switch, and select Nginx (1.14.2) in the Reverse Proxy Type section.
  7. After the configuration is complete, click Change Configuration to enable the configuration.