Before testing ASP.NET Core applications in a local environment, you must prepare the environment. This topic describes how to configure an ASP.NET Core environment. It also provides download links for related tools.

Install Visual Studio

The Visual Studio family of products provides many easy-to-use features that help you develop ASP.NET Core applications. If you are using macOS or Windows, we recommend that you download Visual Studio from the Visual Studio official website and install the tool on your system.

Install an SDK

If you are using Linux, you need to install a .NET Core SDK. The following uses CentOS 7 that has a .NET Core 2.2 SDK installed as an example.

Use the following command to install an SDK. You can also refer to the instructions provided in the Ubuntu 19.04 Package Manager - Install .NET Core topic to install an SDK.
sudo rpm -Uvh
sudo yum update
sudo yum install dotnet-sdk-2.2