The following table describes the differences between Web+ and other Alibaba Cloud web hosting services.

Differences between Web+ and other Alibaba Cloud services

Web+ is an integrated platform-based service that provides you with orchestration for infrastructure resources, deployment for runtime environments of multiple languages, and Web hosting.

Feature Web+ Serverless App Engine Enterprise Distributed Application Service Simple Application Server
Elastic Compute Service Supported Not supported Supported Supported
Container Planning Supported Supported Supported
Application hosting Supported Supported Supported Supported
Multi-language Supported Not supported Supported Supported
Distributed applications Supported Supported Supported Not supported
Resource orchestration Supported Not supported Not supported Not supported
Microservices Not supported Supported Supported Not supported
Resource manageability High Medium High Medium
Capacity limits Not limited Not limited Not limited Limited


  • ECS: indicates whether ECS resources are supported.
  • Container: indicates whether container services are supported or adopted, such as Container Service and Elastic Container Instance (ECI).
  • Web hosting: indicates whether web hosting is supported. This feature is mainly referred to as the capability of deploying applications and managing the lifecycle of applications.
  • Multi-language: indicates whether you can use multiple programming languages to build applications.
  • Distributed applications: indicates whether you can deploy an application across multiple nodes.
  • Resource orchestration: indicates whether managed infrastructure resources can be automatically orchestrated.
  • Microservices: indicates whether microservices are supported, such as service registration and detection, configuration and management, and elastic scalability.
  • Resource manageability: indicates whether you can manage hosted infrastructure resources.
  • Capacity limits: indicates whether a service sets limits on capacity of available infrastructure resources.