When an unknown error occurs during an operation, you can run the wpctl collect command to collect error information and resolve the error as follows:

  1. Run the doctor command to check whether Web App Service (Web+) and associated services are activated, and whether required permissions are granted to roles related to Web+.
  2. Analyze error information and determine whether the error is caused by incorrect parameter settings or network disconnection.
  3. Do not switch or perform operations on the working directory. After running the wpctl collect command to collect information, send the generated ZIP file in the working directory to the relevant technical support staff.
  4. If an unknown operation is performed after the error occurs, run the wpctl collect --all command to collect all information. Pay attention to the operation period, operation commands, error messages, and the request ID in each error message.
$ wpctl collect
information collected, file path is /Users/***/Documents/webp/webp-cli-test/collect.zip
$ ls