When you run a command to install the command-line interface (CLI) on a terminal, you enable the Tab key of the terminal to automatically complete commands. However, if you switch to another terminal, this feature becomes invalid. In this case, we recommend that you run the auto-completion command to automatically complete commands. After running this command, you must run the source command on a configuration file.



Command output example and description

$ wpctl auto-completion
$ source ~/.bashrc
$ wpctl <tab>
app:delete       collect          env:apply        env:events       init         env:save         env:stop         pkg:list         template:list
app:list         configure        env:delete       env:exec         env:list         env:scale        env:terminate    select           upgrade
app:use          console          env:deploy       env:health       env:start        env:top          template:delete  version          auto-completion  
doctor           env:dump         env:info         env:open         


The configuration file may be in .bashrc, .bash_profile, .bash_login, or .profile format. You must run the source command on a configuration file that containscomplete -C /usr/local/bin/wpctl wpctl.