Before using Web+, you must activate Web+. You must also activate Resource Access Management (RAM), Object Storage Service (OSS), and Auto Scaling because Web+ is dependent on these services. For example, Web+ requires RAM to authorize roles.


You have created an Alibaba Cloud account and passed real-name verification.

Activate Web+

  1. Log on to the Web App Service console.
  2. On the Logon page, enter an Alibaba Cloud account and password and click Sign In.
  3. On the Welcome to Web+ page, check I have read and agreed to " Web application hosting service (Web +) terms of service ", object storage (OSS) Terms of Service ", ESS Terms of Service ", then click One-click authorization and opening.
  4. On the Role Permissions page, click Agree to authorization.
  5. After the activation is complete, a message showing "Congratulations. Activation Successful." is displayed.


You can start using Web+ free of charge and only pay for resources that are required for running applications. These resources include Elastic Compute Service (ECS), ApsaraDB for RDS, and Server Load Balancer (SLB) instances.

Notice The system may send you notifications that you have overdue payments. When this occurs, please clear all overdue payments to avoid instances being released. Please note that your instances may be released at a system-selected time after the payment due date.