This topic describes the tagging feature of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). You can use tags to label and classify VPCs, route tables, and vSwitches, which facilitates resource search and aggregation.


VPC tagging

As shown in the preceding figure, as the number of VPCs, route tables, or vSwitches increases, it becomes more difficult to manage these instances. You can use tags to group instances. This allows you to search and filter instances in a more efficient way.

Tags are used to classify instances. Each tag consists of a key and a value. Before you use tags, take note of the following limits:
  • The keys of tags that are added to the same instance must be unique.
  • You cannot create tags without adding them to instances. All tags must be added to instances.
  • Tag information is not shared across regions.

    For example, if you are in the China (Shanghai) region, you cannot view the tags of instances that are created in the China (Hangzhou) region.

  • You can modify the key and value of a tag or remove a tag from an instance.
  • If you delete an instance, all tags added to the instance are deleted. This operation does not affect the tags added to other instances.


You can add up to 20 tags to each instance. You cannot increase the quota.


Operation Console API
Add a tag Add tags to a VPC TagResources
Add tags to multiple instances at a time
Search instances by tag Search cloud instances by tag ListTagResources
Remove a tag Remove tags from an instance UnTagResources
Remove tags from multiple instances at a time