Queries the Internet IP address range of a VPC in a specified region.

API description

DescribePublicIpAddress cannot be used to query the range of Internet IP addresses in a classic network.

Notice This API action is only available for Alibaba Cloud partners. Contact your Alibaba Cloud sales manager or business manager to add your account to the whitelist before using this API.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required? Example value Description
Action String Yes DescribePublicIpAddress The action to perform. Valid value: DescribePublicIpAddress.
RegionId String Yes cn-qingdao-cm5-a01 The ID of the region to query. Valid values:
  • cn-qingdao-cm5-a01: China (Qingdao).
  • cn-beijing-btc-a01: China (Beijing).
  • cn-zhangjiakou-na62-a01: China (Zhangjiakou).
  • cn-huhehaote-nt12-a01: China (Hohhot).
  • cn-hangzhou-dg-a01: China (Hangzhou).
  • cn-shanghai-eu13-a01: China (Shanghai).
  • cn-shenzhen-st3-a01: China (Shenzhen).
  • cn-chengdu-wt97-a01: China (Chengdu).
  • cn-hongkong-am4-c04: Hong Kong, China.
  • ap-northeast-jp59-a01: Japan (Tokyo).
  • ap-southeast-os30-a01: Singapore.
  • ap-southeast-au49-a01: Australia (Sydney).
  • ap-southeast-my88-a01: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).
  • ap-southeast-id35-a01: Indonesia (Jakarta).
  • ap-south-in73-a01: India (Mumbai).
  • us-east-us44-a01: US (Virginia).
  • us-west-ot7-a01: US (Silicon Valley).
  • me-east-db47-a01: UAE (Dubai).
  • eu-central-de46-a01: Germany (Frankfurt).
  • eu-west-1-gb33-a01: UK (London).
PageNumber Integer No 1 The page number. Default value: 1.
PageSize Integer No 10 The number of rows per page in a paged query. Default value: 100.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example value Description
PublicIpAddress String The public IP address range of the specified region.
TotalCount String 100 The number of total entries.
PageNumber Integer 1 The current page number.
PageSize Integer 10 The number of entries per page.
RequestId String 365F4154-92F6-4AE4-92F8-7FF34B540710 The ID of the request.


Request example


Response example

XML format


JSON format


Error codes

HTTP status code Error code Error message Description 
403 Forbidden. User not authorized to operate on the specified resource. The specified region does not exist.
404 Forbidden.RegionNotFound Specified region is not found during access authentication. You are not authorized to operate on the specified resource. For more information about how to obtain permission, see Manage VPC permissions by using RAM.