Queries one or more CEN instances that are granted cross-account permission of a specified network instance (VPC, VBR, or CCN).

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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required? Example value Description
Action String  Yes DescribeGrantRulesToCen

The name of this action. Value: DescribeGrantRulesToCen.

InstanceId String  Yes vpc-bp18sth14qii3pnvc****

The ID of the target network instance.

InstanceType String  Yes VPC

The type of the target network instance. Valid values:

  • VPC: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
  • VBR: Virtual Border Router (VBR).
  • CCN: Cloud Connect Network (CCN).
RegionId String  Yes cn-hangzhou

The ID of the region to which the network instance belongs.

ClientToken String  No 123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000

The client token that guarantees the idempotence of the request. The value of this parameter is generated by the client and is unique among different requests. The ClientToken can contain only ASCII characters, and cannot exceed 64 characters in length. For more information, see How to ensure idempotence.

ResourceGroupId String  No rg-acfmxazb4p****

The ID of the resource group to which the network belongs.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example value Description
CenGrantRules Array

The authorization information of the network instance.


The authorization information of the network instance.

CenInstanceId String  cen-9gsm1q2yh1prpt****

The ID of the authorized CEN instance.

CenOwnerId Long 1000000000

The UID of the account to which the authorized CEN instance belongs.

CreationTime String  2019-11-15T09:26:36Z

The time when the instance was created.

PageNumber Integer 1

The current page number.

PageSize Integer 10

The number of entries per page.

RequestId String  F5BB78C8-5F41-464F-B9FF-5E0A7198BA26

The ID of the request.

TotalCount Integer 1

The total number of entries.


Request example

http(s)://vpc.aliyuncs.com/? Action=DescribeGrantRulesToCen

Response example

XML format


JSON format



For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.